Login request after updating every change made

Good day ,
i installed the new version ASTERISK NOW 3.0.0 from cd. I burned the cd and everything was ok. After installation i made yum update -y and after this 2 problems appear:

  1. any time i move from one page to another the Login is needed to enter the page.
  2. If i enter in the Module Admin page and try to make updates the appear the issue :

Error: Did not receive valid response from server

XHR response code: 0 XHR responseText: undefined jQuery status: error

Can somebody solve this problem? Thanks in advance !!

If this is a new install you might consider using the real FreePBX distro.

I tryed the solution proposed and everithing was good.

Thanks a lot !!


Hello Guys,
Can someone please explain me how to use/install the real FreePBX distro ?
I got the same problem as danielebars (seems french like me :)).

Thanks for your help.

Download the distro from this site, burn it to a disk, boot from the disk to install. There is plenty of info on this in the wiki.