Login not working after update to

After upgrading framework and core to, admin login is no longer working. See also:

It is still working fine with beta2.2. I’m not sure if this is just happening on the RPi, or other systems are also affected. The Apache log files do not show any errors.

Flush all cache and let us know if it still happens.

Sorry but this didn’t help. Also tried from a different machine, but no luck. Can I do something to help debugging this?

Please run the javascript console on your system and see if any files are missing and/or if you have javascript issues.

If this is still a problem I will load up my pis with your image tonight and work through it.

I applied the fix as described here:

But I had to modify pbxlib.js, it was not sufficient to only change script.legacy.js. The login is working again.
Can you put this fix online soon, so people can get it with the FreePBX online upgrades? If you can’t put it online soon, I need to think of a way to keep people on beta2.2 for the time being.

I will probably push it tonight. However I think we are still working on making other changes to the buttons as well.

Thanks a lot for all your hard work! I think people are quite happy with 2.11 already, although it’s a beta and you are still working on it.
Thanks again.

The fix is out.