Login/logout - User & Devices Mode - Bulk Handler


I have one target and 2 questions:

80 users and 50 hardphones (Yealink T42G), softphones on mobiles as soon as the hard part works.
10 users are always sitting at the same desk so they have their own phone.
Other users will come at the office, sit where a desk is free and I would like them to login and use the phone which is on that desk for the time they stay.

Q1) Am I wrong when I set “User & Devices Mode” for this scenario ?

Q2) in User & Devices Mode
I would like to use BulkHandler to upload Users and Device as they are independent in this mode.
Will it just work ? or will it load Extensions (1 User and 1 Device for each record at the same time) ? Maybe deleting after loading to much is good enough.


This mixed environment might cause some problems. If you were to use phones that support Phone Apps and “Hot Desking” you’ll get a more easily supported configuration. Sangoma phones support this, as do a couple other phones that are supported in Phone Apps.

User and Devices mode isn’t really supported in FreePBX, so getting that working might be a mixed bag of experiences you may not enjoy. I’m pretty sure (not certain, but pretty sure) that the Bulk Handler isn’t going to get you close to what you want to do.

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