Login Issues

So I’ve installed PBX In a Flash and I’m running into an issue with FreePBX which is version FreePBX

When I login to the admin portal I would get the prompt which I enter Maint, well here I get that prompt, then Im presented with another login screen, not a pop up but an actual login and maint/root etc, nothing works.

Reinstall FreePBX with 1.4 and up and same issue each time, the login screen is from FreePBX.

No errors under error log, access log nothing etc

The screen im presented with starts off with:
To get started, please enter your credentials:

I’ve still had no luck with getting this to work, just wondering if anyone else has had the issue

I have this problem as well.
I can eventually get in if I disable the iptables but this is only a temporary solution until I resolve the admin login issue.
I set the password and then I try and log in.
I disable iptables $service iptables stop
I am then able to log in.
But this is not the solution. I need to figure out what is not working with the regular access.

I should add that I can not get admin to work but I am able to get in with the user maint. It appears the admin account can be disabled.

According to http://www.cadvision.com/blanchas/Asterisk/Passwords.html

“Normally, the admin account is disabled if you use “passwd-master” and replaced by the user “maint”.”