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I am setting up a new FreePBX14 with phone apps but I cannot login/logout into a queue using the Phone Apps (Queue Agents) key on a Yealink T5x phone.

I do see the status (x or + or -) when I press the BLF button but the login/logout or (un)pause softkey is not available on the phone.

What am I doing wrong here ?


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Is that extension a dynamic member of the queue?

What happens when you dial *45 fo you get logged in?

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That phone is a dynamic member.

When I do a login using *45 the phone apps BLF LED turns to red and
when I press it I see that the (-) has changed to (+) on the phones screen.

So login with a feature code works perfectly.


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Are the PBX and phone up to date?

edit - Actually, I don’t see this model listed as supported:

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Hi, the PBX and phone are brand new and up to date.
Tomorrow I will try a Yealink T41. Thanks for your advice .


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Phone Apps are working 100% now when using the Yealink T41s phone.

Apparently the Yealink T5x phones are not supported at this moment.

Thanks very much your advice !


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Hi @bartwiggers

I think the decision has been made to support Phone Apps on 2 T5x models (T54S and the T58V) so if you are seeing Phone Apps issues with either of those models, please open a commercial module support ticket.

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