Just did the upgrade to 2.10 via ‘yum update’. Completed error free.


displays a LOGIN CREDENTIALS screen.

There is a pre-filled in extention … where is trying to get that password from? The extension does NOT have voicemail, therefore, no PIN.

How do I login as admin. None of the 2.9 passwords work?


I have not clue what you are talking about. We do not publish FreePBX as an RPM so I don’t know what system you are using.

What distro are you using?

Asterisknow distro. Yum update pushed Asterisknow to 2.0 and freepbx 2.10.

I am replying from iPhone so I cannot paste in the login screen. But the screen is freepbx skinned and bannered.

Thats why i came here (first).

If needed, I’ll paste the screen shot later this afternoon.

I also catch the ‘distro’ drift and will search ‘over there’ as well.

Help here appreciated if available as I’m sure I’m but the first of many going down this road.



Oddly, it appears that the login webpage/UI (or more likely something down-thread from the UI) disliked a punctuation character in the ‘admin’ password’s composition. We were able to get in after an ‘admin’ password was change through CLI.

Anyway, case closed.


First we heard about this. It would have been nice if digium told us they were going to do this. Glad you got it working.

In all my years with freepbx, freepbx upgrades always came through the in-freepbx module update vector. This via ‘yum update’ CentOS/digium repositories was a first for me too.

Though, credit where credit is due, the asterisknow distro and its yum repos have kept us well updated/maintained particularly since the 1.8 branch.

Others mileage may vary. :wink:


We kinda like our distro of FreePBX (even though calling it the FreePBX distro seems to get people hopelessly confused) it is nice to know Digium is putting some resources back into Asterisknow.

The more distro’s the better the entire LAMPA community becomes.

When we started deploying back once-upon-a-time, your distro didn’t exist; otherwise , we’d probably like your distro too.

Truth here in our space is that freeSwitch is the stalking horse.

It was a not a happy moment when the freepbx project zigged and the resources that became the 2600Hz project zagged.