Logging into queue bug

Hallo Everyone,

First of all let me start by thanking each and everyone who makes contibutions to FreePBX and the forums and (of course!) for the creators and developers of FreePBX. This really makes life allot easier for all of us!

Now to my problem. Adding a dynamic agent/member to a Queue. When one creates a queue (for example queue 100) in FreePBX I believe the correct way to log an agent into the queue (in order to start receive calls routed to that queue) is by dialing the queue number followed by the "" sign. Example 100

The system then askes: “Please enter your agent number followed by the pound key”. One then enters your extension number followed by you password. The agent will receive calls routed to queue 100 (in this example) now. BUT when one enters an INVALID extension number, the system still logs the invalid number into the queue. Now when a users call is routed to this queue (100), the system tries to phone the invalid extension number and when not found in the dialplan, the system tries to look for the number in the speed dial list. When not found there either, the user get told: “That number does not exist in the speed dial…” and gets cut off.

Now, as log as the agent enters the CORRECT extension number when logging into the queue, there is no problem, but we all know that when working with people they sometimes make mistakes! When they then enter an invalid extension number (For example say the agent’s extension number is 1300 and he enters 130) then the queue crashes…

A short work around is to enter hash (pound key) WITHOUT entering an agent number (extension number) - the system then uses the CID number as the agent number (and no mistake can be made).

Now for some questions:

1.) Is it possible (and if so how) to check whether the extension number is valid before accepting the login from the agent? Maybe you can correct this in the next FreePBX release?

2.) How can one see a list of logged in agents?

Thanks for any help and advice on handling this issue!