Logging in to webmin for first time from AWS ami

According to the documentation, I should be prompted for a username and password in the webmin when logging in for the first time. It seems that the admin password is already set though, and despite attempts to reset it via the sql db by changing the value of the sha1 key, I still can’t gain access to the webmin. I’m using 2.11. Could someone please help me out here?

I know there are similar posts about new installs, but they all seem to be about new installs by the user. In my case someone else has done the install and I don’t even have a root password (though I can easily gain one, by default I ssh in as root so one is not needed).


Not sure if table names are accurate, but does this help or is it what you’re doing already? I would use root user to make these changes.

We run an AWS PBX; make sure Fail2Ban is running! Also, in iptables, block Israel, Palestine, France, Russia, and China using their ARIN-assigned IP blocks :smile: It will save you a ton of failed registration attempts. I used the lists on nirsoft to do this.

Also, v12 is AMAZING! Upgrade ASAP.

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Hi Overkill, thanks for replying! :smile:

Yes, that was one of the things I tried. Root user was the only access I could gain. After doing some more Googling though I found out that particular technique (as well as others) have been patched up since they were found as they presented security risks. I can’t find any more recent hacks for such a situation…

So I’ve decided to set up my own install of FreePBX in Virtualbox. Once that’s done I’ll just upload the image to AWS and set up an instance using it. This way I’ll know all the passwords for everything, and (bonus) I’m getting to see what the installation process is like.

Thank you for the tips about those IP ranges. :slight_smile: That will definitely help me out! This is my first time messing with this, and the ultimate goal is to get a DISA system going.

This right here will save a lot of headaches.

The command passwd-master lets you change the webmin passwd from cli.
And also helps to know admin = maint.

Those commands a from scripts provided by the builder of the Distro you are using, and not FreePBX itself. If you have root access when using the FreePBX Distro, you can unlock a GUI session. You can find the instructions in the wiki: http://wiki.freepbx.org/display/L1/amportal+commands#amportalcommands-Unlock