Logging in my Dynamic Agents to multiple queues

I am trying to find a way to login/logout my dynamic agents from multiple queues using a BLF button on my desk phone.

All of my Agents use the Zulu soft-client, and I have 1 desk phone in front of me that is allowing me to monitor when they are logged in. We had to incorporate multiple queues, and I am having them use the *45 code to log in and out. My BLFs are using the code 45xxx where x is their extension number. This allows me to monitor if they are logged in using the lamp.

However, when I use press this button to log them out manually if they forgot, it acts as if I have used the *45 code and logs me into the queues. I was able to use the individual code when we only had 1 queue, but now cannot use that code since we have multiple queues.

Does anyone know what I can use instead, or am I limited to only viewing if they are logged in?

*45(EXTEN) *(QUEUE) should log in/out on a single queue, but this will only work for one queue.

I’m thinking… didn’t test so no promise… setup a custom feature code which goes to a SetCID that set’s the CID to the users extension, and then dials *45.

You may also want to look into a solution like FOP2

I will have to look further into FOP2 to see if that will work for what I need.

I tried the SetCID, and it still read my call as from the calling extension. Thought it was an good way of doing it, but apparently the *45 code looks at something other than CID. Thanks for the suggestion!