Logging an agent on a queue


I am upgrading our old Asterisk 1.8 to 16.15 . We have a few queues setup and the agent used to be able to log with <queueExtension>* and logout with <queueExtension>**.

In a test that I run last night, I was only able to log to a queue by :

  1. add myself as a dynamic agent
  2. dial *45 to toggle my logging in the queue as an agent

Also, I found that doing so will log me in all the queues in which I am listed as a dynamic agent. We preferred the old way of logging in as it is more flexible : the agent can choose in which queue they connect to.

Is there a way for an agent to log in only a single queue at a time without having to go in FreeBPX and aply some changes ?

Thank you


From your extension, you should be able to dial *45700 where 700 is the queue number. This will toggle your membership in that specific queue.

See the Agent login note block at the top of the queues wiki page:

The old * and ** codes were deprecated a while ago.

And if you want a BLF for the queue log in, it is *45700*111 assuming 700 is the queue and 111 is the extension.

I will test it soon but this seems to be exactly what I was looking for.

Thank you!

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