Log of when admins login?

I am the admin on this FreePBX 2.11 system, but I have two employees, each with their own less-than-admin account, that I delegate certain rolls to. Does FreePBX have a log of when one of these users logged in,and what they did (added extension 111, for example.)?

No, but they should be in your apache2/httpd access logs.

(a little interpretation and deduction needed)

Has anything changed with this since 2016? I had a friend ask me about this today and was actually pretty surprised this isn’t a thing. Seems like pretty low hanging fruit on the security tree.

Check /var/log/asterisk/freepbx_security.log

Thanks but AFAICT freepbx_security.log only contains a record of unsuccessful logins…

Expect that the access.log would contain records of access, and error.log to expose failures.