Log in and out of queues


I wondered if anyone had ever come across this before and if there was an easy way round the issue.

our users use the queuenum* to log in and the queuenum** to log out of call queues. However some users tend to be impatient and end up joining a queue with all sorts of weird extensions numbers. Such as a user with ext 215 had entered *111215# as their extension (not sure why) and this had the effect of breaking the queue as when we removed the bogus entries the queue worked again ( I have to add that I have had entries like this before that didn’t break the queue). Is the a way to tell asterisk which extension is joining rather than users typing their extension in?

In asterisk 1.2 we used to use 4000 and 4001 to join and be removed from queue 400 for example, this is so much simpler.

Any ideas would be appreciated.