Log files "missing"

Well, not really “missing”, I just can’t get to them.
We recently did an upgrade to FreePBX
I for some reason can not get to “log files” while the other "admin"
can under “tools”“support” , while the only thing I have under “tools”"support"
is “Freepbx support” which brings me to http://www.freepbx.org/.

Am I doing something wrong ? or am I missing something ?



I don’t really understand what you’re saying the problem is, but the best way to get to the logs is to use the command prompt. Either use your root username and password to access the command prompt at console, or use putty (a free windows download) to connect remotely.

Once you’re at the command prompt,
type the following:

cd /var/log/asterisk
nano full

(or full.1, full.2, full.3, etc.)

Use page up and page down to move up and down, or CTRL-W and then CTRL-V to move to the end of the log.

I only have access to the asterisk via the FreePBX Administration.

Before we did the “upgrade”, I could get to the “system log” via the GUI.
Click on “logs” and tell it how many lines of the log I wanted to see,
and it would display them.

I am have a problem getting a remote Vertical/Aastra 9112i to work
and I thought it would be nice to see the logs I was used to seeing.

I have two phones at the remote location the single line on the
Cisco SPA-2102 works fine, but the Aastra doesn’t.
I can only access the Asterisk via the web GUI.

But thanks.


Why? You know you can use SSH and get a remote console.

You really need to have console access to properly administer a server.

After three days of screwing around with this phone,
I defaulted it again and put everything in again.
I must have something wrong in my set-up.