Locked out of the GUI by https redirect

I used the Sysadmin Pro module to force redirects http to the GUI to https. Unfortunately, the https GUI is not working. Is there a CLI way to stop the redirecting, so that I can access the GUI again without https?


David Sycamore

The actual configuration files are located in /etc/httpd/conf.d.

Look at the freepbx.conf and ssl.conf files specifically.

You’ll need to restart httpd after making modifications to those files.

Indeed there is

# fwconsole sa  clearforce
Disabling HTTPS forced redirection for the administration interface.
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Worked! Thanks.

David Sycamore

But the underlying problem is apparently that your TLS certification was broken, did you check that?

I did check for it. Turns out I had port forwarding set up wrong for port 443. Fixed it an everything started working fine.



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