Locating Asterisk ARI in FreePBX 12


I have downloaded FreePBX 12 and I am searching for the Asterisk 12 ARI to do queries. Could someone help me locate it, because I’ve had no luck in finding it.

I’m using Putty to interface with the localhost if that helps at all

Thanks in advance.

If you are talking about the “Asterisk Recording Interface” it has been deprecated. The new user front end is the UCP managed through the User Manager.

I should clarify, By ARI, I meant Asterisk REST Interface

I don’t think it is in the repos yet…

Does that mean that the developers are planning to put the ARI in FreePBX but they have not yet done it?

With 12 and 13 we will likely implement ARI as it fits in to various modules and features. That said the implementation will be for internal use not necessarily exposed to users. This doesn’t mean you can’t use it when implemented for your own purposes that just wouldn’t be our purpose. FreePBX is designed to be a front end so people don’t have to put much thought in to the back end.

All of this aside you can setup and use ARI on your own
If you don’t install the module we won’t touch(nuke) the configurations you put in place.

Edit: Setup does touch some config files we control. Be sure to use the _custom.conf files as appropriate.

Thank You for your help.

Yeah. I simply forgot to publish it. Please use the module from within FreePBX to manage ARI users, I say this because I need people to check it out and help debug what it’s doing.

PS: It’s now published and online