Locally bridging SIP on asterisk 1.8

Hi Guys,

Today User are complaint to me they are not able to get call on there cell when they are calling on the DID(We have one DID and we have routed that did on the cell extension)
Some thing is going wrong with me If i call direct my cell extension 2286 then it ringing on my cell, but when I call the DID then its ringing on my cell but not audio on the both end

The error i have noticed that is :-
Locally bridging SIP/2055-00000000

Please resolve my issue ASAP

That’s not an error message. You will need to post more than that. Please post the log file entries when this is happening. Are you ringing the mobile phone number for this or is it that the mobiles have soft phones installed on them?

You seem to be missing a number of modules. Try clicking “Check Online” and see if the Backup & Restore module shows up then as “Not Installed”.

Sorry, ignore that. Posted in the wrong place!