Local Raid and High Availability

What is the process for installing FreePBX in a RAID config locally (the servers will each have 2 drives) to be run as HA. It seems there is no explicit option for local RAID+HA when installing the distro, right now it appears one or the other.

Can you assist?


It will by default when picking HA in the ISO setup software raid if it detects 2 drives…

Thank you.
Just to clarify.
Your answer applies to a scenario where we have 2 servers running as HA nodes and each server having two hard drives running as local RAID config.
So I can use both HA and RAID, correct?

I just tested this in a VM, by creating two 100GB drives on a new VM, and picking ‘HA Install’, and a RAID-0 was created.

What are you using as VM?
We want to do the same with either vSphere or Open Stack.

What would happen in case of single disk failure. Would the server failover to the other node or to the local 2nd hard drive?

I’m not sure the VM test is the same way it’d look at dual physical drives. RAID-0 wouldn’t help us, it simply combines the two drives into a larger logical drive with no redundancy. What we need is RAID-1 (mirrored). If it does that by default on a 2-drive HA install, then we’re good.

Sorry, that was a typo. You can see in the screenshot that it’s using RAID1. (‘md0: active raid1’ and ‘md2: active raid1’)

And ‘will the machine fail over’ is dependant on a couple of things. It depends HOW the hard drive fails. If the Operating system is able to continue working, it will do so, and will NOT fail over. If the Operating System is unable to continue (for example, if it’s blocking while trying to write to the failed disk - rare, but has been known to happen), after 30 seconds the other node will notice this and will STONITH (Fence) the broken node and take over.

Supported VMs are VMware (ESXi/vCenter) and Libvirt/virsh based virtualizations. That specific screenshot was a really quick vmware workstation setup that I threw together just to boot the CD from.