Local number displayed for Caller id

Is there a way to change the caller id to the area code of the number dialed? For example, if I call a 407 areacode, I would like to change the callerid to appear that I am calling from 407 areacode. Then the next number I dial is a 952 areacode, I would like it to show a 952 areacode in the callerid. I have purchased numbers in each of the areacodes that I would like to call into.

Basically, I want it to appear that I am calling locally.


You should configure this under Connectivity > Outbound Routes

You will create 1 separate Outbound Route for each area code that has a local CID

  • Set the CID field to the local number (ex 9521002000)
  • Check Override Extension CID (if set)
  • Only use this route to match call patterns of 952Nxxxxxx
  • Send the call to your trunk

Also, make sure your trunk does not have CID set, as it will override the the outbound routes

Also, don’t forget to make an outbound route that matches NxxNxxxxxx at the END (move it to the bottom of your list of Outbound Routes), so it will only match patterns that don’t already have a more specific match