Local extension to time condition or IVR

Greeting all,

Can anyone help ?

Is there a way of sending a local extension to a time condition or IVR. I may have missed it, but I can’t see how to do this.

I can see how to do this with an Inbound route, but from a local extension.

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I works, your a star. I never knew that as I have not looked at that part of FreePBX.

Many thanks for your kind help.

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If you’ve created extension 1234, delete it.
Create a Misc. Application.

Description: something like "Helpdesk 1234"
Feature Code: 1234
Feature Status: Enabled

This assumes you’re using Freepbx 2.8.

Hope this helps.


No it does not, however it could connect one connected, but would prefer it not to have one. For your information - extension 1233 is a help desk and it is only available during the day and the IVR is to give our clients a choice of who they speck to.

Regards - Leigh

You can this through misc apps. Give a bit more detail on what you are trying to accomplish for more specific instructions.



Many thanks for the reply.

I want to able dial from one extension (say from extension 1234) to 1233 and this extension (1233) to go to a time condition and then on to an IVR. I have the time condition and the IVR set up already as I am using this with an inbound number routed through an Inbound Route. I just need to know how get the extension that is dialled (say 1233) to go to the time condition.

Many thanks - Regards Leigh

Ok…does 1233 have a physical phone attached to it?