Local Dialing on PRI

I’m guessing I’m just not thinking straight, because this seems much more difficult than it should.

Here is my situation, I have a PRI in the 919-597-XXXX calling ring. This means that some of the numbers in the 919 area code are local (require 7 digit dialing) and others are toll calls (1+10 digit dialing).

Right now if a user dials the wrong way (7 digit when it should be 11 digit, or vice versa) they get a message saying ‘All Circuits are Busy’, which does little to explain what is wrong.

So, I’ve been trying to setup outbound routes and trunks that would auto correct the dialing in a generic fashion. My problem has been that the ‘Lookup numbers for local’ option is not returning an exhaustive list. So many numbers don’t work.

How are others handling this?

can you be more specific as to which number are local and which are long distance? can you dial the entire 919 area code using 10 digits or are you force to use 7 for some and 10 for others? In that case which exchanges are local and which need 10 digits?

That is my whole problem, some 919 area code numbers need 11 digit dialing, others require 7 digit dialing. While the list of local COs that FreePBX returns is a starting point, it is incomplete/inaccurate. If I had a good list that would solve my problem.

Other than going through 899 COs by brute force I can’t figure out how to make this work consistently.

Computers are only as smart as those that made them. If you dont have a list of exchanges, ur gona have a problem!


While your point may be accurate it is, in fact, a bit less than helpful. The carrier will not provide a list, the information given back from the FreePBX query is inaccurate and, since this area is a quickly growing area, my guess is any list would change over time–quickly.

I can’t be the first to have run into this problem. Is the answer buy an accurate list from company X? Is the answer to set up my trunks in some other configuration. Is it, sorry, you’re going to have to brute force 899 COs.

How are others solving this problem?

the only other thing you can do is try working with the dial status. can you post a log of a call that doesnt go thru?

I don’t mean to sound stupid here, and I really do appreciate your help. But what could we determine from the dial status?

At this point am I to assume that:
A) Everyone else somehow gets an accurate list.
B) Only a Paetec PRI has this issue.
C) I’m the only one too stupid to see the obvious answer to this problem.
D) All of the above.

I wonder if you could send your telco all 11 digits - meaning that you would ask them if they can take the full string. Then you can put in your trunk, 1919+NXXXXXX
Any time someone dials 7 digits, the 1919 would be added. If they dial the full 11 digits, this rule would not be enforced.
As long as your telco will allow this, I would think it would work.

Have you looked at www.localcallingguide.com? You can get a list of the local numbers for an NPA-NXX there. Then you can paste it into a tool I have on my website to build the dial plans you need for FreePBX.


This may not be any better than what you have, but it is what I use for US local dial plans.


Thanks for the links. They gave me back the same list as FreePBX, but it was worth a shot. I’ve basically solved the problem for that customer with brute force over the weekend. Thus far that has been the only CO that gave back a really incomplete list, hopefully I won’t run into one that bad again.

You can go to the following site and get all of the information you require as to what is local rate center, i.e. NPA-NXX for each individual switch for the ILEC and the RBOC.