Local Calendar not loading

I have a calendar on a system for holidays. It is a local calendar. It was previously working fine. But now, (what seems to be all of a sudden), when you click on the calendar to view it, it just sits there, says loading at the top of the screen, and never loads/displays any of the events. I found some CLI commands for the calendar. If I do a “fwconsole calendar --list --id=IDofTheCalendar” it just sits there, returning nothing. That command is supposed to return a list of all events on the calendar.

Anyone else having this issue? It is worth noting that if I issue a fwconsole calendar --reset=IDofTheCalendar, I can then load the calendar again via the CLI and the GUI. However, doing so wipes out the calendar events altogether.

Please provide the version of the module


Calendar module version 15.0.10

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