Local Calendar - Error Fetching


When I create a local calendar and then create and event I get - There was an error fetching the results bar at the top. I get the same message when I try to connect to various ical (Google) calendars even though I am using the correct secret ical link. Any ideas what might be happening here?

It is probably related to your timezone. What timezone is your freepbx set to?

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Eastern - Detroit (also super weird but if I use a google calendar from my gmail account it syncs. but if we use someone else’s account it gives the fail to fetch. It also gives the fail to fetch with a local calendar. Very confusing. I even rebooted to make sure the timezone was really distributed to all modules and it didn’t help.

I deleted my old local calendar and made a new one and the error is gone! I’ll check the other google calendar tomorrow. You may be on to something here. Thank you

Timezones with more that 2 sub zones will cause that error

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You’re spot on. Thank you!

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