Local bluetooth presence detection

Apologies if this is in the wrong place!!

I am looking to see if it is possible to use a LOCAL (not on the server - its in a rack miles away) bluetooth adaptor to automatically let Asterisk know if a user is sat at his/her desk?

Does anyone have any idea how to achieve this?



Does his/her desk have a linux machine on it with an installed bluetooth adapter?

nop , mac or windows only!

Im working on a mac solution as i can write Xcode lol

Its the windows machines, would be so cool if users could change follow me settings just be walking away


On a side note, do you have a solution for linux?


There are dozens of resources on google to watch for a bt connection and act on it. You can converse with the asterisk box using bash over ssh or maybe ami. toggling dnd or follow me would be trivial.

Its the help with the

Its this bit i need the help with



Trivially, on state change either

ssh user@asteriskserver "rasterisk -x ‘database put CF NNNN 13235551212’ "


ssh user@asteriskserver "rasterisk -x ‘database del CF NNNN’ "

replace NNNN with your extension and setup passwordless secure access to your box and user would need asterisk execute privileges.

ok exactly what does this do?

Thank you


It manipluates from another host, through ssh, the AstDB to change the “Call Forward” state for a particular extension, CF is callforwardalways. the result is instantaneous.

sorry dicko , thanks for all your help, I’m thick

How would i use this to say , send extension 1000 to voicemail ?


‘database put CF 1000 *1000’