Loaded 2.5 backup on a 2.6 install

I am always finding new ways to mess things up.

I loaded a 2.5 backup onto a fresh 2.6 install. This was a fairly simple install, two IAX trunks, handful of routes and a DAHDI trunk.

The iax table in the database had both the new and the old naming convention so retrieve_conf was duplicating the trunks in iax_additional.conf. I removed those records and all is good.

We also had to “touch” from within FreePBX the find me follow me records. They now work fine.

The system was not in device and user mode.

While all seems to be OK, this machine is in pseudo production so I am weary of another gotcha when I am not around.

Is there any way I can run the db convert script from the 2.6 upgrade tool on a 2.6 system? If not anything else I should be looking for?

As always thanks for the help.

From the top of my head I think that there was a change in the way passwords was stored in the database table ampusers, it was changed from clear text to sha1. And in trunks the tables where altered.

Oh, I just remembered, in the upgrades directory there are scripts to update the database. Look in upgrades/2.6.0beta1, that script will cover all changes from 2.5 to 2.6.

Or just run the install script again with the option --force-version=2.5 (I believe that’s the option, check the help text for a list of valid options)

The force upgrade script on install_amp did the trick.