Live USB

Hi guys,
i’m a newbie into Asterisk and FreePBX world. I hope that you can help me!

A friend of mine has a bootable USB pendrive with Ubuntu-Asterisk & FreePBX Live distro.
He put USB into PC, boot from it and have a complete Asterisk-FreePBX platform working.

How I can do it? Is possible to make AsteriskNOW Live USB?

Alternatively how I can do this? I thought to create an USB pen with LiveLinuxUSBCreator -> Ubuntu and Persistance.
Do you think that is possible to install Asterisk 1.8 and FreePBX on it?

Thank you guys!

The simplest approach is to create a bootable USB stick and mount it to a machine and go to town - install the server to the drive instead of the C: drive and you should be good to go.