Little warning for SNG7/FreePBX 14 testers

I’ve finally figured out the bug that was causing updates to crash half way through. (For those that care, it was systemd, of course. I should have just looked there to start with).

I’ve published a new ‘incron’ package that fixes it, and stops it from happening again. Just run (from the command line) ‘yum update incron’, and then the GUI Based updates will stop crashing half way through.

I think that, barring any further unexpected bugs, SNG7 1702 will probably be a release candidate! (No, that doesn’t mean FreePBX 14 is ready, but it’s getting really close!)

As usual, all updates of SNG7 are done via yum - there is no need to run any specific scripts. If you have a sng7 machine already, you can always just run ‘yum update’ to keep your machine up to date.