Little interrogation about dahdi and asteriskNow

Hi everybody,

I just wanted to know a thing.If I’m right, this is the pocedure with dahdi:

  1. Use dahdi_genconf
  2. Use dahdi_cfg -v to read the system.conf file, and configure the kernel.
  3. Restart dadhi
  4. Restart Asterisk

I wanted to know if when using asteriskNow, we still need to do dahdi_genconf? Why this question? Because I succeeded to make outbound and inbound calls work, but I didn’t do dahdi_genconf. Nevertheless I realized that my system.conf is practically empty and I have a echo problem with my VMPOCT032. I hesitate to do dahdi_genconf now, I don’t know what could happen. :slight_smile:

Thanx for having red my post.