Listing prosody groups in XMPP client such as Pidgin

Hello. I have set up a FreePBX server and am in the process of setting up Prosody to use as our XMPP server. I have been able to use Pidgin to chat back and forth with a coworker and everything seems to be working fine. The only thing I am trying to figure out is how to get the groups names to show up in the chat client. For instance, my coworker and I are both in the IT group at work. We are both listed in under user in Pidgin when I use it to connect to Prosody. I have both of our IDs in a group that I called IT in user management in FreePBX and enabled that group for XMPP. I also added the IT group and both of user IDs to the file that the mod_groups module points to. However, a group called IT still does not show up when I connect. Can someone please let me know if I missing something or have done something incorrectly? Thank you for your help.