Listening problem when called and impossible to make the call from IP to TelIP call to

hello please is there anyone who can help me… by the way I connected a Maxincom gateway MGW1002 my FreePBX server. and when I launch the call once I pick up the phone we listen to nothing and when I also press the keys. Here are the configurations I did on the gateway and server side. Codes, ULAW,ALAW,GMS,G722 and G726… DTMF:rfc2833… unable to make the call from the IP to Tel

At the Asterisk command prompt, type
pjsip set logger on
If your extension or the trunk to the MWG1002 is using chan_sip, also type
sip set debug on
Make a failing call, paste the Asterisk log for the call at and post the link here.
Also, confirm that internal calls between extensions (not involving the MWG) work correctly.
Report whether incoming calls from the MWG work properly (with two-way audio).

Please provide the log as text from /var/log/asterisk/full, not as a screen shot. Proper FreePBX logs are very big and it is not possible to search multiple images.

The image you have provided shows a successful qualify operation. You need to provide the log from an actual call.