Sorry for ignorance, this is the first time we’ve had this request with FreePBX, just getting pointed in the right direction would be much appreciated.

We’d like to be able to have one extension (say ext 10) listen in on demand to calls on another extension (say ext 20) and be able to talk to the person at 20 during these calls without the party on the other end hearing. It’s sort of a call center training situation. What is the best way to accomplish this?

This is pretty easy to do.
PERSONALLY, I just spend the $40 and add “FOP2” to my PBX’s. Its totally worth $40 and has this feature built in. You can point and click and do either ‘listen only’ or ‘whisper mode’. Listen, NEITHER party knows you are listening, whisper, ONLY your employee can hear the call. I just like the point and click of the extension you want to listen to. If you only have a couple, you might not need the GUI, but it is pretty handy.

I think the free version, (limited to something like 5 or 6 extensions) can do it as well.

We have FOP2 on the system. Is there anything that needs don’t on the “listened” side to enable this?

AH! ok!
So you can get fairly granular, but here’s how you do it highlevel.

Create a user in FOP2 that is going to be the person who listens or whispers.
Their user name is the extension number that will be associated to the extension that asterisk will use for the listening/whispering.


Set PERMISSIONS to include the “SPY” module.

save those changes.

Now logon as that user.
When logged in, you should see boxes for each of the extensions that you can spy on.
At the top you’ll see some icons. The two you are wanting is the one the “Ear” and one with an “EAR and MICROPHONE”.

Now have the person that you’ll want to spy/whisper make a phone call (cell phone or whatever). While they are on the call, click on their extension, then click the ‘ear’.

YOUR phone will ring, pick it up and you should be able to hear the call.

Hang up and click the picture with the ear and microphone. Now you should be able to talk to the agent and the person who they are talking to wont hear anything.

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Remember to reload FOP2 after making changes…

Thank you. This worked perfectly.

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