Listen to the called party channel before answer

Hello, everyone.
How can I make outbound calls and listen to the called party channel before answer? Now I listened to rings, but, if a call the same number from a regular phone, it, for instance, plays music or says that the subscriber is unavailable.

By default, ‘early media’ should be heard by the caller.

Confirm that yourAsterisk Trunk Dial Options for the trunk in question does not include ‘r’.

If not calling from an extension, failing to ‘answer’ the incoming leg may cause this problem.

On a SIP trunk, your provider may be sending 180 Ringing instead of 183 Progress. This is a provider problem and cannot be fixed at the PBX end. Use
sip set debug on
pjsip set logger on
to see SIP requests and responses in the Asterisk log.

On a POTS or GSM trunk, there is likely a setting in your gateway to pass early media.

If none of this addresses your issue, please provide details and a log of a failing call.

I have checked this again with a different phone number. Everything is OK. Thank you for advice.
Maybe the problem was with a specific phone number I called earlier.

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