List of tampered files - how to create a whitelist of accepted files?

Recently had professional French recordings made by June Wallack of the following files so that our IVR and other system prompts are consistently in her voice, but they show up as tampered files forcing us to continuously disregard the warnings. How do we whitelist these files?
Module: Directory, File: sounds/fr/cdir-matching-entries-continue.wav altered
Module: Directory, File: sounds/fr/cdir-matching-entries-or-pound.wav altered
Module: Directory, File: sounds/fr/cdir-please-enter-first-three.wav altered
Module: Directory, File: sounds/fr/cdir-sorry-no-entries.wav altered
Module: Directory, File: sounds/fr/cdir-there-are.wav altered
Module: Directory, File: sounds/fr/cdir-transferring-further-assistance.wav altered
Module: Directory, File: sounds/fr/cdir-welcome.wav altered

Can you open this as an issue in the issue tracker

This will require some thought as it is not as simple as “keeping a list” There are some solutions out there that try to make it this simple but this is what some would call “security theater” If the list can be modified easily by an attacker it makes the whole process useless.

As I said please open a bug and some folks who are likely smarter than me can work it out…

Thanks jfinstrom. Added the issue.