Linux security stopping phpMyAdmin access from remote computer

FreePBX works fine, and I can connect successully to the asterisk server with non-database connections.

When using phpMyAdmin (or for that matter mysqladmin) from a remote computer I get the following error:

#1045 “Access denied for user 'root@‘’ (using password YES)”

I assume it is a security issue with-in the Linux server since I have set the security for root & asteriskuser to have full privileges remotely.

I can access the MySQL database from the command line of the host using root & asteriskuser as usernames.

I have set the appropriate privileges for asteriskuser at the host by

GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON asterisk.* TO asteriskuser@‘’;

where is the i.p. address of the computer that I am trying to use remotely to access the asterisk server.

I have port 3306 forwarded on my router to the asterisk server i.p. address. I have noticed in the configuration files that there are other i.p. address referenced. Do I forward 3306 to one of the other i,p. address or the main server i.p. address.

I have also tried using port forwarding of port 22 (SSH port) to access asterisk server from the remote and get a different error.

'Lost connection to MySQL server during query"

Any ideas as to how to fix this problem would be much appreciated.