Linux Kernel Flaw CVE-2016-0728

Is the distro at risk from this flaw? Has it been patched as of yet?

I have a standard distro install of 12 up to date behind a hardware firewall with only SIP and IAX ports forwarded.


Nope - - version 3.8 of the Kernel - we are WAY under that - 2.6.32-504.8.1.el6.x86_64 on my box because the FreePBX Distro uses CentOS 6.x as it’s base.

Great news, there is something to be said for not being on the bleeding edge…

Lately it speaks a lot of this vulnerability: CVE-2016-0728


I imagine that FreePBX 13 could be affected

if there is a patch?

There is no patch because the version of the Linux kernel used by the FreePBX distro is too old to have this vulnerability…

To resume, the kernel used by the FreePBX distro is not affected by the CVE-2016-0728 vulnerability

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