Linksys SPA962 Paging puts active call on hold

Hi There,

We have a Linksys SPA962 with 3 different extensions configured on this phone.

When someone sends out a page to all extensions and someone happens to be on a call on EXT 2 or 3 of the SPA962, the call will be put on hold, during the page.

Is there any fix or workaround that will consider the phone busy no matter what extension is use on the phone?

@koreyb No, you cannot make it think all the extensions on the phone are busy because one is in use. At least you can’t do this at the FreePBX level. If it’s possible it’s a phone level setting.

If you tell the Paging Group to use those extensions it’s going to page all three. It doesn’t care what end points those extensions are on. It only cares if an extension it’s paging is busy or not.