Linksys SPA942 Low Microphone Volume


We have just installed around 40 spa942 into a customer’s site and some users are complaining that the people they call say they can hardly hear them.

The volume on both hands free and handset are turned right up but the problem seems to be with the microphone.

I have called the extensions myself and they do seem very quiet where as others seem fine.

Can anyone let me know if there is another setting to try to turn up the mic volume or maybe a server setting to alter?


Do you have any other phone models that are working correctly?
If it’s all your phones, you should check out your rxgain/txgain.

This article should point you in the right direction for where to make adjustments.

The Linksys family of phones are great.

We had this problem and discovered, as absurd as it may sound, that the handset microphone is sensitive to its position relative to the users mouth.

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