Linksys PAP2 Help

I have a linksys PAP2 v 3.1.6 which has a weird issue… Now I am only using this because of my Fax machine and an extension that requires a FXO’s.

Anyway, when my PBX freePBX v with Asterisk receives an incoming call my Cisco 7960 Phones ring straight away, but there is like a 6 second pause on the PAP2 system before it rings but all devices on the PAP2 receive the CID as soon as the Cisco ring.

Does anyone have any idea what timer may need to be tweaked in the PAP2 settings? I have searched around to find very scattered and minimal information on this…

Thanks in advance…

Do calls to the PAP2 arrive on a specific DID? If so, you may want to check the Incoming Route for the DID and either reduce time time for FAX detection or just turn it off altogether. If there’s a FAX device on the analog port of the PAP2 there’s no reason to have FAX detection on at all for that route.

No, the PAP 2 is listed in my ring group with the rest of the extensions, well one of the FXO ports is, the other is separate due to the fax line.

So both dids point to ring group 600 and then points to the ext’s.

There must be something in the PAP2’s config that’s waiting for that period of time. All the devices in the ringgroup will be called at the same time. I don’t have one to look at but I don’t see anything in my Linksys SPA configs that would cause a delay like that besides “FAX CNG Detect Enable:”. If you have that, what happens if you flip it to “No”?

Got kind of excited when I see them on so I turned them off and tested… Still no luck.
This thing has been bugging me for months… lol