Linksys pap2 and my freepbx

Ive been going in circles with this and need some higher help. I have a pbx server running with 2 x grandstream SIP boxes and they run great so far ( for about 2 years ) I got a Linksys pap 2 port adapter to add another line. Now for my service provider i use on their web site site from what i gather i have to use the linksys box as a sip device like the grandstream but the set up is 1000% more difficult. From what i see the linksys has to be its own sip/ata device thats seperate of my pbx box and i dont want that. ANy help on telling me where in the linksys set up i can point it to look at my pbx box at my local IP and not point it at

This is prolly a tad confusing but so am i at the moment.


You are looking at the problem in the wrong way. You have a provider who connects to your system, that is it’s job and nothing more. Your system can have 1, 2, 10, 1000 phones, who’s phones and how they are connected makes absolutely no difference to your service provider as it’s talking to your system and NOT the phones.

So don’t so anything that Vitelity says as it has nothing to do with your setup. You just need to configure the ata to work the asterisk and then once that happens it will work. If you search this site (or google for asterisk linksys {model number} setup, you will get a wealth of information on how to do it.