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We are beginning to develop more and more solutions that use the FreePBX GUI in unison with the extensions custom and override conf files. in an effort to keep things organized we were thinking of putting a subfolder in /etc/asterisk called apps.

In the apps folder we would create a .conf file for each application we’ve built, like ECBA.conf

I’ve read we can include these additional conf files by typing #include “etc/asterisk/apps/ECBA.conf” in the custom conf file. Is that the best way to achieve what we are attempting to do, or is there a better way?

Thanks for your help!

Any thoughts from the group?

ASTETCDIR is by default /etc/asterisk. You would just use

#include apps/ECBA.conf


dicko is correct. Note the lack of the forward / before apps…

if you did:

#include /apps/ECBA.conf 

… that would be incorrect, because it would look for the apps folder starting at the root directory.

#include apps/ECBA.conf

… is correct, because that says "Starting from the folder I’m in now (which is /etc/asterisk) go to the apps folder below that.

Just so you have a better understanding. :slight_smile:

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Thank you both!

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