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(Tony Lewis) #21

The person who built this connector needs to update it for modern asterisk. Only they can fix this.

(Dave Burgess) #22

There is hope, you just won’t find it here.

There were significant changes to the system with the introduction PJ-SIP. That (it appears to me) is the bellwether event that caused the problem. Before that, the 1.4 Asterisk interface was close enough to get working - after that, not so much.

Zoho is out of their depth on this issue (you can tell them I said so) and they refuse to admit it. It’s as if their marketing department is in charge, or that they aren’t really interested in supporting anything but 12-year-old installations. To defend their position for a second, there doesn’t seem to be a clamor amongst the Zoho users to intergrate this without “third party” support - there are people out there that claim they can get it working.

(Lior Me) #23

do you know such people? i’m willing to pay top dollar :slight_smile:

(Dave Burgess) #24

Emphasis added. The guy we hired got over $1000 and never got it working.

(Tony Lewis) #25

Why would you not use the CRM module we have which supports Zoho CRM.

(Lior Me) #26

you mean sangoma’s module? the crm module?
i’ve tested that. he only does part of the job. he records the calls into the customer cards, but no live action. no call pop-up, no click to call (with pop-up to start noting the call) and such

(Tony Lewis) #27

It does all of that if you have Zulu as it needs something on the desktop to be able to work with the browser.

(Lior Me) #28

really? how does it work?
i’ve added the chrome plugin, but whats next?

(Lior Me) #29

bare in mind that i mean the built-in capabilities of zoho, not a third party app
for example : in a working mode, zoho will popup a window that start recording/counting call duration/making notes of the call, all that on the fly, built into the zoho’s web interface. can zulu do that? isn’t it just a desktop app for clicktocall and such?

(Phonesupport1) #30

Hey Sajit,

I’m having the same Linked channel=null issue with the Zoho PhoneBridge. Would you be will to send me the update .jar files you received from Zoho and mention above (Zoho/ztiadapter/teleadapters/elastix16/lib/ZTIElastix16Impl.jar &


(Sajit) #31

Can you attach ur current log which u have attached it shows of 2015

(Sajit) #32

Please attached the log i need to check

(Phonesupport1) #33

Thanks for following up! Link to ztilog.txt is below. Do you need any other logs?

(Phonesupport1) #34

Following up to see if anyone has a fix here? Trying to integrate FreePBX VoIP Server running Asterisk 13.19.1 with the official Zoho PhoneBridge and 100% of the features functioning.

As liorme indicated above, we are more than willing to pay $$$ for a solution.

(Jfts) #35

Hi Sajit, I got the same problem with Zoho. Their support team told me that is a problem with asterisk. Could you please share me those files or if you prefer i can attach the log.

Thanks a lot