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Hey all,
Click to dial … i am looking to find something that integrates with Outlook (and hopefully Office 365) to allow a user to dial a contact.
I currently use Outcall with Office 2010 and daily get a message saying failed to connect to exchange yet it works ok when i dial from outcall.

Does iSymphony do this? I don’t need an Operator panel as such would just like cick to dial.

Thanks in advance.

Thanks for the info.
Have had a quick look and both look interesting. Would like to find price on the ingenious one so will email them tomorrow.
The ingenious seem to be tied to polycom maybe?
Will try both on test servers and see what happens. Interested to see how they go with 2013 outlook.
Will post back next week to let you know.

Two off the top of my head, one free OSS one not:

I’ve used Xtelsio, but last I checked it didn’t work with Office 2010.

Ok, so for reference i have managed to get Calling Circles to work (although a little buggy with some things).
Can dial from Outlook and from text box when right clicking on the icon and hitting Dial Number.
Ingenius Connector doesn’t work with Outlook 2013 or 2010 or Windows7.
Xtelsio also doesn’t work with 2010 or 2013.
It is funny as it seems such a logical thing to be able to do desktop dialling and yet support is very limited.
Anyway, keep on suggesting if anyone else thinks of anything.

I haven’t used yet with asterisk but can’t you just install a tapi driver (ActivaTSP) and select that line through dialer.exe - then outlook will use that for click to dial… maybe i’m wrong as haven’t tried yet with an asterisk system but have used tapi drivers for other pbx’s before.

I think i tried that a while back but could not get my head around it trying to get it to integrate.
So far calling circles seems to be okay. Either that or outcall.

How did you get Calling Circles to work with Outlook 2013? The app crashes on me every time I get an incoming call. Using Win 7 x64

I had issues where if I called from my mobile to test it would run through all my contacts as balloon and then trek me the calling name was someone starting with z (my last contact). I just turned off and use for outbound dialing only. For inbound pop I used to use Outcall with earlier freepbx and 2010. Was trying to find something more " dial from outlook contact". Sucks that this project like so many others was abandoned.
Hope this helps.