Link multiple PSTN lines to FreePBX using Yeastar gateway

Hi , I am able to link a single PSTN line to Yeastar TA410 gateway. Both the incoming and outgoing lines are working. I followed the following article.

I have purchased 3 other numbers, which i have connected to the Yeastar, but i am not able to make call via those lines. Whenever i make a call , it goes through the line on the FXO-1. I assume i need to make some changes on the gateway, not sure what.

I have done the following
Add additional trunks in FreePBX and set those trunk in the outbound route.

Two approaches are possible. You can define a Port Group with one trunk and let the gateway automatically select an available line. See

Or, you can define a separate trunk for each FXO port, set Maximum Channels to 1 and list several trunks in your Outbound Route.

The first method is simpler and more robust, but if you need the ability to manually select a specific line (e.g. by dialing a prefix code), then the second method is required.

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Thanks Stewart1, the grouping approach worked perfectly.

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