Link Digium D50 BLF to an MQTT topic or shell script or....?


Is there anyway using a Digium D50 I can tie one of the sidecar BLF LED buttons to the state of a device here on our network? I can handle sending this to FreePBX via a script or MQTT message but not sure (at all!) how I’d tie it in with the D50.

I use Digium Phones Module and cannot/will not crossgrade to EPM - it was a world of pain last time I tried and everything works so well on the whole with DPMA now. The only thing that isn’t working is the status page on the Digium Phones dashboard. They don’t show an IP address or a state and nor can I reconfigure them with a button press. I think it’s to do with the port they’re on. I seem to recall DPMA expects them to be on 5160 but they’re actually on 5060 or some such. (I’ve got pjsip on 5060 and SIP on 5160.). Not a big deal.

Thank you

I did this once, a long time ago, by setting a custom hint that I controlled from a shell script (it was to see if my cell phone was within Blue Tooth range of the server). If the hint was ‘true’ then my system wouldn’t forward calls from my server to the cell (since I’m already there). If you sidecar can be programmed to monitor a hint, then it should be relatively simple.

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