Linear Queue question

I have seen this asked before but the posts seem dated so I am curious if there is any new information on the matter. Any info is very appreciated

Here is our dilemma:

We need 5 members in a queue.
We would like to use Dynamic Agents to allow the Rep to log out manually
We do not want the queue to auto log out
We want the calls to go in a specific order every time…f the call isnt answered by 103, then go to 101, then 104, then 102, then 108.

I have tried priority but that keeps the call at 103 the whole time. Is there another way to accomplish our desired configuration?

We are running FreePBX 13

to add to this, even if Iput the members in as Static agents, the queue ignores my order and send the calls to the station in numerical order.

What differentiating event do you want to have the calls switch from extension to extension? How much time are you expecting this to take?

The reason I ask is because a queue isn’t like a queue at a bank. All of the phones in a queue ring at the same time (based on settings). The phones don’t ring one after another, they ring all at the same time. Once 103 starts to ring, it is going to keep ringing as long as the member is still part of the group.

You don’t need a queue to do what you are describing. You can have 103 be the first destination, and on failure roll over to 105. Set up 105 to go to 108, 108 go to 112, etc.

Having told you that, though, I would highly recommend against this. Use the queue, have you five agents log in and out as required and take the calls as they come in. In most modern systems, people are not willing to wait more than four or five rings, and that isn’t enough time to roll through five extensions one after the other.