“Line too long” from manager.c when applying FreePBX config

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I’m not sure if this should go to Asterisk or FreePBX forums, so I’m cross-posting.

When clicking the “Apply Config” button in FreePBX we get this warning repeated multiple times in asterisk logs:

WARNING[2266] manager.c: Discarding message from Line too long: Command: database put AMP…

We’re building a new machine and it PROBABLY happened after a bunch of queues were configured, but I’m not sure. Since FreePBX apparently applies the entire config every time, I have no idea what causes it. My concern is that this is more than just a warning and something that should work will fail when it’s too late and the whole thing is up and running in production.

The line is cut in logs, so I don’t know what it’s trying to do. Where do I start trying to find out what exactly is happening?

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