Line not dropping

I’m new to this and really do not know what to do.

We have setup freePBX and all is working fine. My only problem is that I have created an extension called 4100 for afterhours calls. I have logged in the voice mailbox and under Phone Features setup Call Forwarding Unconditional: to my cell no so people who phone the office afterhours gets redirected to my cell.

This works fine, I can see the call coming in on line 1 and goes out to my cell on line 3. My phone rings I pick it up talk to the client and hang up when done. After hanging up the call line 1 and 3 still shows on the panel active even though the call was disconnected from my side and the clients side.

Please can you help?

If it is a zaptel device then you can try adding callprogress = yes to /etc/asterisk/zapata.conf
if that doesn’t work try:

Thanks for the info. I tested this and still it doesn’t drop the call. I have also noticed that if I put down the phone I used to call the office my cell gives me a disconnected tone but also doesn’t drop the call. I then put down my cell but the lines on the PBX still stay active.

What am I doing wrong?