Line Keys Sangoma S705

Hello All,
Im working on testing a configuration for use in my home/home office. Essentially I’m trying to set this up as sort of an old Key system. I have been playing around with EPM for a few days now trying to get the best config for my phones. Here is basically what im trying to accomplish. Im looking to have a line select key for each of my phones so any phone can be picked up, button pressed and one touch intercom to another phone in the house. Id also like a page button to page all phones (I think I have this figured out). Id also like incoming calls to ring all phones and a call to be placed on hold (Park) and picked up in another room. Is this possible? Im having a tough time just getting line select keys to be programmed for other extensions. Anyone have a home config they’d like to share? Im using all S705s as I do not have ethernet in every room and the wifi config is great. Thank You!

Setup BLF keys for extensions and parking extensions, it should get you going.

Thanks. I have no idea what a BLF is but I’ll do some research. I’m new at this and it’s a huge learning curve compared to key systems. Thanks!

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