Line key problem POST firmware upgrade

Just updated my D40 for the very first time today to firmware package 1_4_0_0

Everything works perfect


that now I only have 1 working line-key

In FreePBX, in the PHONE config in DIGIUM tab.
For one of my phones I have assigned TWO extensions.

Before, what this would do is that it would put one extension on each one of the line keys of the D40.

Now, only one line key is active, the other one has no lab, and nothing happens when I punch it.

I double checked, reconfigured, restarted, etc… nothing works.

Please help.

That’s not the case for me. Factory default your phone and try again.

That DID fix my problem! Thank you!

That also fixed another problem I was having : not being able to record calls (during calls : on-demand recording)