Line Key for RING GROUP?

FreePBX + EndPoint Manager
PolyCom VVX250 (4 lines)

(The VVX250 isn’t an option in EPM so I use the VVX300 template)

We have a helpdesk group whose extensions are also included in a Ring Group. Is it possible to have one of the line keys reflect when the call is coming in via the Ring Group as opposed to the extension directly?

Yes, with some extra work and custom hints. Even then it is a PITA. Ring Groups are not “real” it is a method in which to call a list of endpoints in a certain manner. There is no singular device or object to generate a state which can be watched or subscribed to.

Give each of those phones two extensions, one which is a member of the ring group and one which is dialed directly.

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You can change the Alert Info to have the Ring Group ring a different tone when it hits the phone. You can use the CallerID Prefix to prepend RG1_ to the CallerID Name to send to the phone.

If the only need is “I want to know this is a RG call vs a normal call” then the two options above will work just fine without any custom work or the need to assign two extensions per user.

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Thanks for the suggestions!! I’ll poke around a little but I think I can make this work!

I want to just amplify Tom’s point: a ring group is nothing more than a list of phones to call, and a sequence to call them in. It’s basically a lazy way to call a whole bunch of individual phones at (more or less) one time. Because of that, his suggestoins about prefixes and Alert Info settings are really the only way to make this work for you without switching to another technology (adding more extensions to the phones, etc.).

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