Line busy indication

We are in the process of adding phones to our system. We are using Polycom Soundpoint IP335. We are happy enough with the phones but before we get more I would like to know if we can make the line busy indicators work. They work on the phone you are using, but I would like if a line gets busy via another phone, that every phone’s line busy indicators go on. Is this possible with this phone?


To me this sounds like you’re trying to emulate a key system, which AKAIK Asterisk was not really intended to do.

Have a read of these links, they might shed some more light on what you’re trying to do and how to go about doing it;

Hopefully there’s someone on the forum that has done this before and might be able to assist you further…

Alternatively, if all you want to do is monitor another extensions status (ie. ringing, on-call, idle) it’s just a matter of mapping that extension as a BLF to whatever button. Here’s the config I use of an IP450 to assign one of the line keys as a BLF that monitors another local extension - this button can be used as a speed dial and can pickup ringing calls on the other extension.

   attendant.resourceList.5.address="101" attendant.resourceList.5.label="Joe Bloggs" attendant.behaviors.display.spontaneousCallAppearances.normal="0"

The links show how to do what I want to do, but questions remain,
basically due to mu inexperience. First of all I could not find the
sla.conf . Secondly, since I am using the Freepbx user interface I am
reluctant to modify the configuration files anyway. For example the
links says to add this line to the extensions.conf file: exten=>
9002,n,Macro(dnv-fake-sla,SIP/4010&SIP/4011&SIP/4012) . Can I add this
to the file via the user interface? Anyone have any advice?

James Martin
Northwood Lumber Inc.

I assume you want to monitor DAHDI lines when busy, if so perhaps this will help:

I have lots of solution now, but I still need to know how to change the
configuration files in Freepbx. There is a warning in the files that the
changes will be over written. Should I use the extensions_custom.conf file?

James Martin
Northwood Lumber Inc.


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OK, thank-you. I will start working on this. We are very busy, and
expanding the phone system at the same time, so I won’t get to work on
this very fast.

James Martin
Northwood Lumber Inc.